Depression Is A Demon


I have battled depression for several years. Depression was the demon that took away my happiness at a young age. I was ashamed of myself every time I looked in the mirror.

I thought I was supposed to live my life depressed, and not try to change it because it was a part of me. I sat in bed every night and cried myself to sleep because I had no other emotions.

I kept every feeling inside and didn’t tell anyone because I was terrified. I faked a smile everyday until I could be alone and no one noticed. I should have screamed for help to my family instead of staying silent.

I have had so many people tell me I deserved to be happy but I didn’t believe them. I am finally at the stage in my life where I believe my depression doesn’t have to control everything in my life.

If I am not happy I can’t help others, and that is the biggest goal I have in life. I still have days when I’m depressed but, I just remember I deserve to be happy.

Don’t forget you deserve to be happy too! If you are going through something everything does get better just give it time!


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Hi my name is Ashleigh. I was bullied a lot in my life and I was always scared to stand up for myself. I started battling mental illness at a young age. I also really love makeup! I’ve always wanted to start a blog, and decided to so, my story could hopefully help someone. I hope some of the things here help you or someone you know.

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