10 Tips You Have To Try For Taking The ACT!!

It’s no secret that you have to take either the ACT or SAT in the United States to be able to go to college. I personally took the ACT last week and I thought of some things that would’ve helped me. Therefore, here are some tips I would recommend from my experience taking the ACT!

1) Don’t spend too much time one one question. Pace yourself! This was one of my problems because I spent way to much time on each question!

2) Practice! I personally got the ACT practice book off of amazon and it helped me. Here is a link to the book I have: https://amzn.to/2NMevbS

3) If you can’t figure out the answer to a question, then use process of elimination.

4) If you get to the point where you still have several questions let and only a few minutes don’t leave them blank. If you fill in an answer you have a chance of getting it right!

5) It is optional to take the ACT with writing or without. I personally took it with writing, and if you choose to do that then plan your essay before you write it!

6) Take a jacket or something just in case it is cold in your classroom. The classroom I was in was freezing and I know that can be distracting.

7) If you have the time double check your answers. This is something I wish I would have had the time for.

8) Eat the morning of the test, so you aren’t distracted by being hungry. This way all your focus can be on the test!

9) Stay calm. This is a hard one for me because I have anxiety, but if you stay calm then you are less likely to overthink your answers.

10) Check the time every few questions so you know you still have time.

I hope these tips help someone who is going to take their ACT. Have a great day!

Ashleigh Christine:)


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Hi my name is Ashleigh. I was bullied a lot in my life and I was always scared to stand up for myself. I started battling mental illness at a young age. I also really love makeup! I’ve always wanted to start a blog, and decided to so, my story could hopefully help someone. I hope some of the things here help you or someone you know.

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