5 Tips For Your First Job Interview and My Experience!

Going into my first job interview was the most nerve wracking experience. I had knots in my stomach and severe anxiety walking into the store. Once I sat down and started answering questions I blacked out and I still To this day have no idea what my answer to the questions were.

That interview gave me a lot of tips and I ended up becoming more comfortable talking to people because I got the job and it was as a sales associate. Here are the tips I have if you are going into an interview…

1) Practice interview questions with a friend or family member before hand so you have an idea of what your answers will have to be. Also, this will make you more comfortable talking.

2) Have confidence in yourself! This was one of my biggest problems because I feared I would be awful at the job, but I went in and acted like I knew what I was doing, and that’s why I got the position.

3) Just because you haven’t had a job before you can still relate things you have done in everyday life as being a responsible person if they ask you that question. For me I had watched kids for about 6 years so I had plenty of experience with that.

4) Don’t Give Up! If you don’t get the job then it just means the job wasn’t right for you or it was the wrong timing , but another job will come along and you will get the job!

5) Be Yourself! This is one of the keys to getting the job because if you don’t act like yourself they aren’t going to want to hire you because they are going to think you are fake!

I hope you got some help out of these tips. Have a great day!

Thank you,

Ashleigh Christine 🙂


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Hi my name is Ashleigh. I was bullied a lot in my life and I was always scared to stand up for myself. I started battling mental illness at a young age. I also really love makeup! I’ve always wanted to start a blog, and decided to so, my story could hopefully help someone. I hope some of the things here help you or someone you know.

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