How I Got A Hair Disaster!

(Btw I wanted my hair to look like Niki DeMar at the Teen Choice Award… This is my best description πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚) on to the story!

The summer before my junior year of high school I decided I wanted to dye my hair blue because that is what I’ve always wanted to dye it, so my grandma said she would pay for it if I went to her friends hairdresser because she was supposed to be “cheaper.”

Well, this woman used a box of Splat on my hair, which you can buy at Target for $10! Sadly the story gets way better. So, the woman didn’t bleach my hair to the right tone before she put the hair dye on, so I came out with green hair! It doesn’t stop there.

She ended up charging me $150 which was more than what my hair dresser charges, and we had to pay it because she did it at her house.

When I got home i looked at it and noticed that there were patches of bleach left in the back of my hair. I immediately called my hairdresser and she didn’t have an opening for a month, so I called my mom’s hairdresser who does amazing and she was able to get me in within 10 days.

When I got to my mom’s hairdresser (now my current hairdresser) she told me the lady killed my hair. She was able to take me back to red hair (which it was before) and cut pieces out that weren’t noticeable because my hair was so dead!


My hair is still dead a year later! Please take some advice from me and don’t go to a different hair dresser just because they are cheaper.

I hope y’all liked this post if you did let me know in the comments, and I’ll do more blogs about things that have happened to me! Have a great day!

Ashleigh Christine πŸ™‚


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Hi my name is Ashleigh. I was bullied a lot in my life and I was always scared to stand up for myself. I started battling mental illness at a young age. I also really love makeup! I’ve always wanted to start a blog, and decided to so, my story could hopefully help someone. I hope some of the things here help you or someone you know.

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