Why It’s Absolutely Okay To Feel Depressed…

When you have a mental illness some people don’t understand why you have depression and you take your medication, but you still sad some days! Those people might even be family, but it’s people who can’t relate to your “problems.”

I can’t even count how many times I have been depressed so someone said, “did you take you meds.” Part of the stigma around mental illness is that you should feel numb all the time, but if you have depression you know that isn’t true!

Depression isn’t something you should be shamed for because a lot of people have it. If I had one wish in life it would be everyone coming together to stop the stigma around mental health, and just love the people who have mental illness!

Please be nice to others there are too many people who are taking their own life because they feel alone, and the sad thing is no one knows they struggle with depression!

If you are depressed you aren’t alone, and chances are you know someone who is too you just don’t know they are!

Have a great day! If you or anyone you know is depressed please seek help!

Thank you,

Ashleigh Christine 🙂


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Hi my name is Ashleigh. I was bullied a lot in my life and I was always scared to stand up for myself. I started battling mental illness at a young age. I also really love makeup! I’ve always wanted to start a blog, and decided to so, my story could hopefully help someone. I hope some of the things here help you or someone you know.

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